References from professional clients and clients

  1. Two references will normally be taken.
  2. Candidates will be required to identify 6 individuals who have been (in their own right or on behalf of their firm or employer) professional clients, clients or client proxies, in cases of substance, complexity or particular difficulty or sensitivity over the last 3 years (or outside that 3 year period if the case is believed by the applicant to be material to the applicant’s suitability for the award). If a candidate was unable to put forward the names of 6 individuals the candidate will be asked to explain why and to put forward those names that were possible.
  3. Candidates will be asked to nominate two individuals from those listed, numbering them in order of preference. The candidate’s first choice will be asked to give a confidential written reference. If the applicant’s first choice of nominated client referee is unable to provide a reference, then the applicant’s second choice will be asked to do so instead.
  4. The Selection Panel will select another person (apart from the first nominated client referee) from the 6 identified by the candidate, for a confidential written reference. The selection will be made to provide a range of types of exposure and having regard to the ability of the client to able to address with authority the candidate’s demonstration of the competencies.

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