Profiles of newly appointed QCs

We publish below our (now annual) profiles of a selection of recently appointed QCs.

Alex Allan 5The purpose of publishing the profiles is to illustrate the varied backgrounds and experience of those appointed as QCs. It also helps to demonstrate, through real life examples, that whatever may have been the position in the past, it is no longer the case that advocates have to be white, male, Oxbridge-educated barristers in order to be appointed QC. We also find the preparation of the profiles useful to us, because it gives us the opportunity to gather (admittedly from a small sample) much richer feedback on applicants’ views of the QC appointment process. It is thus a valuable supplement to our annual surveys of all applicants, the results of which are also published on this website.

Sir Alex Allan
July 2017


 Adam Johnson QC

A Johnson





James Morgan QC

J Morgan





Sam Momtaz QC 

S Momtaz




Mary Prior QC

M Prior





Sarah Clarke QC

S Clarke




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