FAQs for Applicants

FAQs for 2017 Competition

1.    Process

Q. I have applied in this competition but have not received any further contact?

A. The closure date is 5pm on 30 March 2017 unless there is an issue with your completed form or payment it is unlikely you will be contacted. If you have received an acknowledgement of your application, it is being processed.

Q. Some of my assessors’ addresses have altered, or I have moved since applying. What should I do?

A. Contact the QCA Secretariat who will make the necessary amendments. Note that no assessors can be added or deleted after the closing date for applications.

Q. When will I hear whether I have been invited for an interview?

A. Invitations for interview (and letters informing applicants that they will not be invited to interview) will be emailed in September. The Secretariat will contact you in June to check for any problematic dates during September/October.

Q. If I am not invited to interview when will I receive my feedback?

A. You should receive your feedback by the end of September or early October.

Q. When are the interviews and where?

A. Interviews will be held in Manchester and London from mid-September to Mid-October.

Q. When will the Selection Panel’s recommendations be sent to the Lord Chancellor?

A. They will be submitted in late October.

Q. When will we hear the results?

A. We currently remain on track for interviews to commence on Monday 18 September with a view to making the public announcement of those successful shortly before Christmas.

Q. When will the ceremony take place?

A:  It depends on the availability of the Lord Chancellor and on the Parliamentary authorities making Westminster Hall available. However, we have been informed that the likely date for the Ceremony will be Monday 26 February 2018.

Q. If I have any questions or require assistance who should I contact?

A. The QCA Secretariat is always available to assist, you can either email enquiries@qcappointments.org or telephone 0207 831 0020.

2.    Service

Q. I am unhappy with the service received from QCA staff; how should I raise the matter?

A. Please refer your problem to the Chief Executive of QCA in the first instance.

3.  Timing

Q. I am very busy (or have been ill). Can I have an extension to submit my application later than 5pm on 30 March 2017?

A. No. If you cannot meet that deadline then you will have to wait until next year to apply.

Q. Will there be another competition next year?

A. The intention is to continue running competitions on an annual basis.

4.    Fees

Q. How are the fees set?

A. The fees are set by the Directors (who are drawn from the senior ranks of the Bar Council and the Law Society).  All the costs of the selection process have to be met by applicants’ fees. There is no subsidy from the professions or the taxpayer. We try to keep the costs as low as possible, but operating a process as rigorous as the QC appointment process is necessarily expensive. The current fees have not increased.

Q. Can I pay by Debit / Credit card?

A. Yes. There is no additional charge to pay by debit card and it is our preferred method. If you wish to pay by credit card there is a supplementary fee of £35, to cover the additional costs that this method incurs for QCA. Also note you can only pay by card if you submit your application online.

Q. What are the fees for the 2017 competition?

A. For the 2017 competition, the application fee is £1,800 (+ VAT). The additional fee payable by those who are appointed is £3,000 (+ VAT).  Those Applicants with low incomes (gross fees below £60K) are entitled to pay concessionary fees, which are half the standard fees.  All those appointed also pay a fee for the issue of Letters Patent fee (currently £265).

5.    The Form

Q. Can I have a Word copy of the Form?

A. Yes, but are you sure that is what you require? The PDF form is in a much easier format and was introduced in response to previous applicants’ reports of difficulties with the Word form.   If necessary, we can send you a copy of the Word version of the form but please be aware that there may be difficulties in completing it compared with the PDF form.

Q. Can I have a Braille version of the Form?


A. I am having issues with the application form not covered by these FAQs. What should I do?

Contact the QC Secretariat at enquiries@qcappointments.org

Q. I am unsure concerning a number of issues posed by the application form.

A. Refer to the Guidance for Applicants – particularly the notes in part 2 – and if you still need help please contact the QCA Secretariat on 0207 831 0020 or email to enquiries@qcappointments.org and we will be happy to assist.


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